Natasha Vicars


#dawnchorus365 was an online artwork that changed every day for a year – and is only viewable during the hours of dawn. It was devised by Natasha Vicars and created by Seven Art Writers collective and commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. For one year it invited contributions from anyone with a Twitter account.

Just before the launch of #dawnchorus365, Seven Art Writers tweeted observations and responses to the changing environment at their separate locations during one shared dawn. At times the writers crafted tweets that reported live on what’s happening around them, at other times they played with language, echoing and reusing the tweets of the other writers. In doing so they followed a performance score that directs their interactions and responses to their environment, tracking the changing light from the beginning of Astronomical Twilight, through Nautical and Civil Twilight until sunrise. The exactly defined timings of the phases of light structured the performance.

Members of the public were invited to join #dawnchorus365  adding their words to an accumulating ‘dawn chorus’ of writing throughout the year, by tweeting to this hashtag at dawn (GMT). Visit for full information and to view the archived performance at dawn.

Two video clips from the performance are presented below. The first is a moment close to sunrise with a more observational writing form, the second is a more abstract moment with shortform tweets responding to each other in the early hours of the night.The clips include pauses between tweets and shifts in pace of the collective tweeting.

An Open Online Four commission from Fermynwoods Contemporary Art.

Excerpt 1.

Excerpt 2.


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