Natasha Vicars


#Nightwatch was a group performance on Twitter that consisted of the Seven Art Writers group following a performance score. #Nightwatch experiments with Twitter as a creative tool for generating a new approach to collaboration in text online, and a real-time liminal space in which the work is both performed and published at the same time. In creating a score for group tweeting, it brings together some of the histories of collaborative textual and artistic practice (for example, Fluxus scores, Surrealist ‘exquisite corpses’ and concrete poetry) with the real-time, widespread uses of Twitter to sort information.

The live action took place from 12.30 a.m. to 2.25 a.m. on 27 January 2012; each tweet was tagged #nightwatch2012, allowing an audience to follow and to contribute. It was presented live at the Rhythms of Time Sharing event in Philadelphia, the United States, via the Twitter website.

Content themes included observation of the city at night, and the idea of night-time as a liminal space where one’s thoughts can wander and become detached from reality. The writers devised a score which included instructions, on a timeline, for how they would respond to their individual surroundings and to each other’s writing.

An abridged transcript from the text has now been published as (2013) #Nightwatch, Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 18:5, 96-100, DOI. It was edited for publication by Natasha Vicars and Eddy Dreadnought.

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