Tottenham Clouds

9TottenhamClouds_group_smlTottenham Clouds was presented at Canalology 2014 from POST Artists and at the V&A Museum’s Tottenham Takeover.

The work is a portrait of Tottenham in clouds, in response to Luke Howard ‘namer of clouds’ – the amateur meteorologist who came up with the system of cloud naming and classification still in use today. He was a resident of Tottenham and is commemorated by a blue plaque at 7 Bruce Grove, his final home.

In producing a set of deckchairs using my photographs of clouds over contemporary Tottenham, I intended to propose a place for reverie and perhaps discussion. And a reminder of the long periods spent by Howard observing the skies driven only by his personal fascination, but ultimately going on to generate knowledge.

Canalology 2014 festival presented twelve new site-specific works inspired by canalside Tottenham.

Visit the POST Artists blog about Canalology.



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